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Researching the Fashion Scene in Accra

Salina, a seamstress in Osu (left), sharing her work with ACIG researchers Adwoa Bobie and Robin Steedman

The showroom at the high fashion brand Bello Edu

In May this year ACIG researchers Adwoa Owusuaa Bobie, Thilde Langevang, Rashida Resario, and Robin Steedman were able to meet again in Accra and begin new research on the fashion scene. Over the course of 10 days we were able to interview more than 30 designers, tailors, and seamstresses and learn about the fascinating business of fashion, and particularly how fashion workers are using social media in their businesses.

For some, social media is critical. One designer said “basically the brand was made by Facebook” because selling on social media was so important for her business.

ACIG researchers Robin Steedman and Rashida Resario with designer Adjoah Yeaboah (center) at her studio

Others felt they should be using social media to find new customers, but had not yet been able to turn social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to their advantage.

A common challenge was finding good staff to make garments. Whether or not they used digital tools in their business, finding staff to produce garments at scale was a key challenge for almost everyone we interviewed.

George, a tailor who works on campus at Legon in his shop

We look forward to analysing these fascinating interviews over the next months!

By Robin Steedman


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